Beatle Sessions at Davlen Sound Studios, 1976.....

Press Release: Los Angeles, Thursday, December 18, 2003
Press Release Update Reissue: Los Angeles, May 16, 2004


     This "Pop Urban Legend" has been "making the rounds" on the "memorabilia circuit" for many years now.

Len Kovner, founder and owner of Davlen Sound Studios, stated emphatically today, as he has numerous times,
over the past twenty years:

"No sessions of this type ever took place at Davlen Sound Studios, Universal City, California facility at any time.

The tape box being offered for sale (Click on this link to view),
does not say "The Beatles" on
it or inside of it, anywhere. The box was most likely retrieved from
a trash bin at or nearby the Los Angeles studio facility,
probably in the early nineteeneighties.

This tape box, and others like it, all using similar vague
references to likes of The Rolling Stones, The Who,
Jimi Hendrix, and Cream.....were used as a training tool
for young engineers and tape operators, as an exemplar of how to properly label tape boxes, per studio and record company specifications, for our clients, library archiving,
and domestic and international shipping.

The notion that "Secret Beatle Sessions" occurred is absurd.

Although each former Beatle had recorded at
Davlen Sound Studios during the seventies and eighties,
no sessions ever included all four group members at one time,
let alone a "reunion" of any sort....

Len Kovner has tried for years to debunk these misrepresentations
and misconceptions, but his denials only seem to have fueled
"The Beatle's Secret Sessions Myth".....


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