"B" RANGE CONSOLE: 32x24x24
                             (designed and constructed in London, Summer, 1973)

 Console design by Malcolm Toft and staff, at TRIDENT, London, UK.

Modifications and special custom configuration, featuring an "A" Range Series Console layout, adapted "A" Range components, 
operational options and functions, and "A" Range Series circuitry, added and adapted when feasible, was planned, specified, and implemented by Len Kovner

Additional circuitry and signal path optimization changes, including highly modified components, the retrofit of Jensen Transformers, specifically the JT-16-A, and front end pre amp modifications by Dean Jensen, with bus routing, expanded summing amp modifications, and bus output circuitry simplification and bus 
output expansions, by the Davlen Sound Studios engineering, maintenance, and research and development department. 

The Penny and Giles VCA Fader Automation System, one of the first in existence, was designed by Paul Buff of Allison-Research. 

The console featured eight main output busses, unheard of in the mid seventies, and was fitted with quadraphonic (surround) bus clusters, accompanied by eight P&G automated joysticks, with four bus outputs per unit, this feature was only recently offered by SSL.

Just a little ahead of it's time? 

This Console, now 30 years old, is still in operation, after yet another major refit and overhaul, it's tenth.  Back again, in an L.A. recording studio, still doing what it does best, making sonically perfect recordings, that are still, today, blasting from
nearly every speaker manufacture's demo rooms,
at just about all the Domestic and International professional
audio and equipment conventions. 

An outstanding testament to "alchemy"....!

Thank You, Malcolm.

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